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ICGA Foundation is a not-for-profit, public-private-philanthropic partnership specially set up as a Section 8 Company to host the Indian Cancer Genome Atlas (ICGA) Project.

ICGA is a long-term curated platform and must have continuity of operations. ICGA will require significant upfront investment with limited short-term benefits. The benefits of ICGA will be available only after a large set of data is collected and available for analysis – possibly 2-3 years. The data will have long-term value and this model may not work well for existing institutions.

The success of ICGA depends on the active collaboration of different institutions, both public and private. Each of these institutions have independent goals and objectives that are potentially broader and different from the goals defined for ICGA.

While the NCI-TCGA was completely funded by the US Government, it is yet not clear if this initiate will get sustained funding from the Indian Government. It is therefore proposed to set up ICGA as an independent Section 8 organization with active contributions / grants from Government and donations from private institutions and philanthropy.

The Section 8 Company will be governed by the Companies Act, 2013. As a Section 8 Company, the profits from the Company cannot be distributed to the members as dividend making this a suitable corporate structure for setting up a non-profit research organization. There are precedents of Section 8 companies as a model used for PPP initiatives in India. The Section 8 Company set up as a research institution will be eligible for income tax benefits and if desired can be set up for foreign contributions under the FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulations Act). An independent non-profit venture will make it easier for the Government institutions and research laboratories to participate. The ICGA will have a very focused mission with objectives framed in its constitutional documents with active participation by stakeholders.

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