ICGA Partnership

Becoming a Partner of ICGA Foundation

Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the ICGA project, domain expertise from several inter-linked biomedical research domains will be needed. The potential stakeholders in the ICGA project are depicted below

ICGA ecosystem

In the initial phase ( 2020-21) of the ICGA project , a national consortium of like-minded organizations involved in multi-omics cancer research from the public and private sector has been established. The legal and administrative formalities for membership of these organizations in ICGA Foundation is currently in progress. The present status of the ICGA consortium is as follows:

Appeal for ICGA Partnership

To achieve the objectives of the ICGA project, the ICGA Foundation is seeking active participation from leading clinical, research, and technology institutions from public and private sector in India as well as from leading international institutions involved in cutting-edge translational cancer research. Given the multi-disciplinary nature of the project , the ICGA consortium will expand in future with active participation from domain experts from various allied disciplines related to translational cancer research.

ICGA Foundation would like to appeal to organizations/institutions from India who are involved in translational cancer research to participate in the national mission project via joining the ICGA Foundation. We request you to share your comments, insights, and suggestions with us on the various topics related to ICGA.

You can contribute in several ways: