About Us

ICGA Foundation is a not-for-profit, public-private-philanthropic partnership set up as a Section 8 Company to host the 

Indian Cancer Genome Atlas (ICGA) Project.

In 2020-21, ICGA was initiated by forming a national consortium of government agencies, cancer hospitals, academic institutions, and private sector partners in India. The ICGA is a long-term collaborative effort between cancer scientists, basic researchers, onco-clinicians, data scientists, and technology providers to facilitate precision medicine and improve translational cancer research in India. Read more..

Mission Statement

To create an indigenously developed, openly accessible, comprehensive multi-omics database of cancers prevalent in the Indian population, with clinical correlates.

Board of Directors (Non-Executive)

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Suveera Dhup

Head, Scientific Affairs

Dr. Ankita Singh

  • Dr. M. Vidyasagar, IIT Hyderabad, India
  • Dr. Sunil Badve, Emory University, USA
  • Dr. S. V. S. Deo, AIIMS Delhi, India

  • Dr. Sudeep Gupta, ACTREC, Mumbai
  • Dr. Sunil Badve, Emory University, USA
  • Dr. L. S. Shashidhara, NCBS, IISER Pune, India
  • Dr. Shekhar Mande, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India
  • Dr. Anguraj Sadanandam, Institute of Cancer Research, UK
  • Dr. Suveera Dhup, COO, ICGA Foundation
  • Dr. Madhura Kulkarni, PCCM, Pune
  • Dr. Ankita Singh (Convenor)

  • Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC)
  • Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC)
  • National Cancer Institute (NCI)

  • Dr. Sunil Badve, Emory University, USA
  •  Dr. Ujjaini Dasgupta, Amity University, Haryana
  • Dr. S. Bette, Quasitum Inc.
  • Dr. Anand Deshpande, Persistent Systems
  • Dr. Mohit Kumar Jolly, IISc, Bengaluru
  • Dr. C. B. Koppiker, PCCM, Pune
  • Mr. Rizwan Koita, Koita Foundation, Pune
  • Dr. Ashutosh Kothari, Oncosurgeon, UK
  • Dr. Madhura Kulkarni, PCCM, Pune
  • Dr. Chinta Mani, VMMC, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi
  • Dr. Shekhar C Mande, SPPU, Pune
  • Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, CHIP Foundation, Delhi
  • Dr. Jyothi Prabhu, SJRI, Bengaluru
  • Dr. S. Roychoudhury, SGCHRC, Kolkata
  • Dr. Anguraj Sadanandam, ICR, UK
  • Dr. L. S. Shashidhara, NCBS, IISER Pune
  • Dr. M. Vidyasagar, IIT Hyderabad
  • Mr. Akshay Chitlangia, Persistent Systems, Pune


FY 22-23: Click here to download Annual Report

FY 21-22: Click here to download Annual Report