ICGA Updates: Newsletter Feb 2024
Commentary in Nature India
Drs. Suveera Dhup and Ranjani Ramamurthy co-authored a commentary for Nature India on the Indian Cancer Genome Atlas (ICGA) Foundation: A genome atlas mapping cancers in India
On #WorldCancerDay2024, Indian Cancer Genome Atlas released a public statement, available on its LinkedIn handle
Minding The Gaps In Genomics In Cancer Care
What are the challenges and opportunities of genomics in cancer care? In this article, Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, Director of ICGA Foundation shares his opinion on how genomics can improve cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention
World Cancer Day: It’s still a long way to go for cancer care in India 
Every year, on February 4 is marked as World Cancer Day to raise awareness about the disease and its prevention, detection, and treatment. This year, the theme of World Cancer Day is “Close the Care Gap” to highlight inequity in access to advanced cancer care and treatment
Key Advancements, Challenges Of Cancer Research In India 
Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality globally, accounting for almost one in six deaths (WHO). With one in nine individuals at a lifetime risk of developing cancer, India is not immune to this global health crisis. The rising cancer burden is primarily due to unhealthy and inactive lifestyles, rapid urbanization, population aging, air pollution, etc.
The 2nd Conference and Workshop of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) in India: Towards Team Science for Multi-omics Cancer Research in South Asia 
An editorial in Ecancer medical science captures the essence of ICGA’s 2nd conference and workshop
Proceedings of the 3rd Indian Cancer Genome Atlas Conference 2022: Biobanking to Omics: Collecting the Global Experience 
A special article in JCO Global Oncology captures the proceedings of the 3rd ICGA conference “Biobanking to Omics – Collecting the Global Experience.”
Dr. Suveera Dhup appointed as COO 
The ICGA Foundation, announced today the appointment of Dr. Suveera Dhup as its Chief Operating Officer, effective August 2022. She will oversee ICGA’s ongoing operational, administrative functions and will also support the Board of Directors in executing the Foundation’s strategy and vision.
Article in Economic Times – January 19, 2021 
In December, even before the exuberance over the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines could sink in, researchers in the UK found that gene mutations or natural changes in the coronavirus had made it even more infectious.
Press Release from Government of India about ICGA – December 04, 2020
Dr. Harsh Vardhan virtually inaugurates the 2nd Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) 2020 Conference.