3rd ICGA Conference : 2022

The third ICGA conference ‘Biobanking to Omics: Collecting the Global Experience’ was organized in online format on 13-14 January 2022. The conference brought together global experts who have successfully built comprehensive datasets to understand genetic and molecular profiles of cancer. As ICGA begins the cancer profiling activities in India, the global experience would set a benchmark and be a guide towards excellence.

Interesting work from students and young researchers in the area of the conference theme: ‘Biobanking to Omics: Collecting the Global Experience’ was showcased in front of leaders of the field. There were two main tracks in the poster session.

Track 1 – Biobanking and Cancer Tissue Repositories

This track concentrated on the critical aspects of establishing a repository of cancer patient tissue samples with well annotated longitudinal clinical data. The participants, through their posters, stressed upon the importance of patient consent, tissue collection and storage, tissue processing, derivatives, database creation, clinical data collection, quality checks for each data type, etc.

Track 2 – Omics and Data Analysis in Cancer Biology

The second track covered building correlations between omics derived signatures and molecular profiles with patient outcomes to find potential novel biomarkers.

Flyer for the conference is available here

Agenda for the conference is available here

The winners of the poster presentation are available here